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22 November 2016

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Trine allways has a lot of strange ideas. Helle is (almost) allways positive to the ideas,  and Helles partner, Yorick Gontarek ( Cinesaur Film & Media), is our main guy when it comes to taking pictures and shooting films. So it ended up with us jumping head first into a dumpster. With no pants! The photo turned out fun, as you can see. Thank you so much Yorick for putting out with two crazy girls in a dumpster, and still making the photo look good!

Street-artist Naeem Searle is a good friend of Trines sister, and was there immidiatly to help us making a stencile from this picture. Knowing we don’t have any money i loved his way of putting it sending me a picture of his favourite whisky: “When your famous get me a bottle of this…”. Up to know he is still “whisky-less”, but we do hope to thank him with the bottle at some point. Up to then we send him our biggest regards and thank him for helping us. He is a remarkable artist, and we admire his work.


See more of his work her:




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Mother will survive // Mother Will Survive
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