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22 November 2016

Producing our first music

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On our tour this summer we met Mads Visnes in Kristiansund. He was our sound-technician at the concert here, and obviously he believed in our music, because he wanted to produce it. Some weeks later we went back with the goal to record five of our songs.


Here we got a lot of help from Mads, of course, but also Ian Sæther (percussion) , Gunnar Sylte (producer) and Kyrre Sætran (bass) helped us alot during the process. And thanks to them, and the final producing by Anders Heibø, we can be proud of the final result. At the moment there is only one song finished, “Mother Will Survive”, and you can listen to this by pressing play at the bottom of the page. Hopefully we can show you guys the rest of the songs before christmas. We hope you enjoy the song!


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Mother will survive // Mother Will Survive
  1. Mother will survive // Mother Will Survive